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Smile To Africa Adventure is a tours and travel company based in East Africa. We are zealous team, passionate about Africa Continent and with plenty of hands-on experience in the transfers, car hire, game wildlife and hospitality industry. Our team is uniquely equipped to handle your Vacation in Africa to your delight. We've been offering our clients the ideal game viewing experience, from a selection of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda for most prestigious game for awhile now.

Smile To Africa Adventure
Our itineraries are tailored to meet your satisfaction without compromising our standards.

Only the best hotels and lodges
We take great pride in providing only the very best accommodations for our guests, using only the best lodges, hotels and camps. Over the past many years we have built strong relationships with all the leading hotel and lodge companies and enjoy a favored client status.

Experienced drivers and guides
The success of every safari largely depends on your driver/guide. Your guide is responsible for the success of the safari and the well being of the clients. We take great care when selecting our drivers/guides, only the best pass our tests. They are fully trained in all aspects of wildlife identification and behavior, general tourism studies and maintenance of vehicles.

Pre-Safari orientation
While other tour operators just send you pre - trip information, with Smile to Africa adventure & Travel you will be met by our tours consultant who is responsible for your safari. The consultant will take you through the safari program, explaining what to expect on the safari, provide background information and materials, discuss the dos and don'ts and answer any questions.

Our Team
Having a compliment of staff who have been involved in the industry at various levels including tourism management, Customer Services, Tours & Travel operations, we passionately strive to ensure that our clients receive outstanding service. We are able to offer a selection of products to suite each individual's preference without compromising our world-class standards. We share our knowledge and passion for our beautiful and exceptional wildlife with all our customers.

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